The first LGBT bowling league began in Boston back in January 1987. It was the dream of a group of
individuals to use bowling as a social and recreational way for people to meet. The first league,
Beantown North was in Cambridge on Tuesday nights and over the years it grew to
be hugely
successful. Accordingly, it was decided that a new league should be started due to growing
participation. The new league would be a little different offering a different night, location and starting
time. Beantown South was created in 1992 in Dorchester, MA on Wednesday nights.

Over the course of the next decade both leagues flourished and maintained a steady stream of
members new and old.

In 2006, with location diversification in mind, a third league was created, Beantown Central in Malden,
MA. This league maintained itself as a small intimate league with about 24 bowlers.

In 2009, the officers of Beantown North and Beantown Central embarked on a new path for both of
these leagues by merging them into one new league with a larger membership, the new league would
take characteristics of both leagues. Now bowling in Malden on Tuesday night at an earlier time the
league began with 68 bowlers.

One thing you can be sure of, both leagues offer the ability to get out of the house, meet new people and
have a great time. Scheduled events through out the seasons of both leagues offer catered parties,
giveaways, and fund raisers to help our bowling community.

Today, with over 100 bowlers in the Beantown South league and over 50 in the Beantown North
League, we are one of the largest organized LGBT sports groups in the Boston area.

Both Beantown Leagues are members of
IGBO,the International Gay Bowling Organization
Beantown LGBT Bowling Leagues